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About Ross and Rachelle Rehberg

Meet Ross Rehberg: I have lived in the area since 2005 and have had lots of success with my personal real estate ventures. I bought my first house in 2006, and was able to built my next house in 2008. In 2015 I bought my first piece of commercial property, which I developed in 2016. I realized when I was in the early stages of developing the commercial property I really loved working in real estate, so I got my license in 2016 and got started with Team Home Oregon Coast. I have come to really enjoy real estate and look forward to helping those find a first home, vacation home, or development opportunities. I personally know the process can be frustrating and difficult but I am out to make it exciting, fun, and easy. I pride myself on providing awesome service that makes Oregon coast real estate a fun experience. Meet Rachelle Rehberg: After having my first beautiful baby boy in September 2017, I knew it was time to make a career change that would provide me with the work/life balance I wanted for my family. Following a career in corporate retail management for almost 20 years, I feel blessed to have this opportunity to join my husband Ross and his partner Taj at Team Home Oregon Coast as I begin this new chapter in my life. Even though I’m a new real estate broker, I’ve had many personal experiences in the real estate market that will serve as a resource to the HOC team and my clients. I’ve purchased and sold a home in Lincoln City, then bought a lot and designed my own home to be built there, and most recently my husband Ross and I decided to purchase an old rundown building in the Historic Taft District. This led to a huge commercial development project, where we designed and built “The Magellan” building with Blue Mountain Contractors on the corner of HWY 101 & SW 51st St. where our current office is located. One thing you can count on with me is an optimistic approach, strong planning, time management and organizational skills, and a drive for success. I look forward to being your guide as you pursue your real estate dreams, just like I did.

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